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5 Common Myths About Business Loans in NC, Debunked!

Key Takeaways

  • Credit scores are important but not the sole factor in loan approval.
  • Startups have specific loan options available in NC.
  • The loan application process can be efficient and user-friendly.
  • Various financing types exist beyond traditional small business loans.
  • Not all business loans in NC require collateral.

Comparison Table: Business Loan Myths vs. Reality



High credit score is mandatory for approval.

Options available for varying credit scores.

Startups are ineligible for business loans.

Specific loan programs cater to startups.

The application process is lengthy and complex.

Streamlined procedures make application more accessible.

Only traditional small business loans available.

Diverse financing solutions like lines of credit are available.

All business loans require collateral.

Unsecured loan options do not require collateral.


The quest for business financing in North Carolina is often shrouded in misconceptions. As a hub for thriving small businesses, NC offers a variety of loan options, from small business loans in Charlotte NC to business loans in Raleigh NC. However, myths about these financial tools can deter entrepreneurs from pursuing them. Let’s debunk these myths and clarify the reality of securing business loans in NC.

Myth 1: High Credit Score is Mandatory

Reality: While a good credit score can improve loan terms, many lenders, including New Bridge Merchant Capital, offer options like small business loans in NC to those with less-than-perfect credit. Products like merchant cash advances are tailored for businesses with robust sales but imperfect credit histories.

Myth 2: Startups Can’t Get Loans

Reality: Contrary to the belief that startups are ineligible for loans, various programs in NC specifically cater to new businesses. While it might be challenging, resources are available, especially in tech-centric areas like Raleigh and Charlotte.

Myth 3: The Application Process is Too Long and Complex

Reality: Many entrepreneurs in NC believe the loan application process is daunting. However, lenders have streamlined procedures. Online platforms and financial advisors in NC can expedite and simplify the application process, especially for straightforward products like small business loans in Raleigh NC and Charlotte.

Myth 4: Small Business Loans Are the Only Option

Reality: NC offers diverse financing solutions. Beyond traditional small business loans, options like lines of credit, collateralized finance, and reverse consolidation loans provide flexible solutions for different business needs.

Myth 5: Collateral is Always Required

Reality: It’s a common misconception that all business loans in NC require collateral. In reality, unsecured loan options are available, which don’t require collateral, though they might have different interest rates and terms.

FAQs: Understanding Business Loans in NC

  1. What’s the average interest rate for small business loans in NC? Interest rates vary based on the loan type and creditworthiness but can range from competitive rates for secured loans to slightly higher for unsecured loans.
  2. How long does it take to secure a business loan in NC? The time frame varies but can be as quick as a few days, especially for products like merchant cash advances.
  3. Are there special loan programs for businesses in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC? Yes, both cities offer specific programs catering to local business needs, reflecting their unique economic landscapes.


Understanding the truth about business loans in NC empowers entrepreneurs to make informed decisions. By debunking these myths, businesses in Charlotte, Raleigh, and across North Carolina can better navigate the landscape of financial opportunities available to them.

FAQs: Business Loans in North Carolina

  1. Are there grants available for small businesses in NC?
    • Yes, NC offers various grant programs, especially for innovative and tech-focused startups.
  2. Can a business loan be used for any purpose?
    • While generally flexible, some loans may have restrictions. It’s important to check with the lender.
  3. What is the role of a business plan in securing a loan?
    • A well-crafted business plan can significantly enhance the chances of loan approval.
  4. How does a line of credit differ from a term loan?
    • A line of credit offers flexible access to funds, whereas a term loan provides a lump sum upfront.
  5. Is it possible to refinance a business loan in NC?
    • Yes, refinancing options are available, often to secure better rates or terms.
  6. What support is available for loan applications in NC?
    • Financial advisors and lenders offer guidance throughout the application process.

Work With a Leading Commercial Lender

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